Commissioning Your Portrait

I am available for portrait commissions so do get in touch. These are sold as highly detailed limited-edition fine art prints that can take up to 15 hours of post-production to perfect. Prints are sold as un-mounted C-Type prints on archive paper, normally 40 x 60 cm, or 60 x 90 cm, though I’m happy to discuss alternative size options with you.

The portraits form part of my ongoing body of work as an artist, and are normally issued in editions of five (plus two artist’s proofs), with signed confirmation of their unique status. In effect when you commission a portrait, you are purchasing the first edition print in the series, and granting permission for me to issue additional copies to be exhibited and sold, so I’d appreciate your signing a model release to confirm this for me before the shoot.

About The Shoot

The whole event is easygoing and normally lasts between 90 minutes and two hours. There is time beforehand for you to settle in and familiarize yourself with the lighting arrangements. During the shoot we will try out lots of different head positions and angles. It’s a relaxed process so we can pause to chat from time to time while the shoot is taking place. Afterwards I can show you the portraits on screen so that you know what images I’ve captured, and can let me know if you have any concerns.


On the day of the shoot it’s best to follow your everyday grooming rather than go out of your way to prepare, and best not to wear anything too tight that might leave obvious marks on your face, neck or shoulders. When it comes to starting the shoot I’ll need you to wash your face to remove any shine, to remove any jewellery, and to be bare shouldered (though it’s fine for the rest of your torso to be covered below the armpit line if you prefer). Do let me know if you have any concerns about how much of your torso appears in shot, and whether you have any tattoos, marks or scars that you want to keep private.

About The Post-Production Process

When we review the images on screen it would be good to get a sense of the range of portraits that you like best – and whether there are any that you really don’t like. It matters a great deal to me that I understand your preferences, and I will strive to give you a portrait that you are proud of, though ultimately I make the final image selection and have final say on the editing decisions. Do bear in mind that my portraits are an interpretation of the sitters, and are not classically flattering, so check out my other work and make sure you are comfortable with having yourself represented in this sort of way.

I generally have a queue of portraits to produce, and it is immensely helpful to allow some breathing space before the editing process starts, so it normally takes around a month after the shoot for me to complete the final image for you to collect.

Your Copies Of Your Portrait

Once I’ve edited the image I will send you a web-resolution watermarked electronic copy which you are welcome to use on social media with a credit to me. I’ll also arrange for the high-resolution version to be sent to the laboratory for printing. I’d be very happy to advise on framing options, and to refer you to the specialists who frame my exhibition prints.

Sometimes it can be fun to take an informal smiling shot, or occasionally I may produce more than one portrait from the same shoot. These are most likely to be web resolution versions for social media, in which case I will always provide you with your own watermarked electronic social media copies too.

Booking Your Shoot

Do contact me for further details, including prices, a preview of the model release, or if you’d like to discuss any aspect of the portrait shoot.

Many thanks, I very much look forward to spending time with you.

James M Barrett