Please feel free to get in touch to discuss the details of your shoot – I want this to be a really positive experience for you.


Photoshoots take place in my studio near Oval Cricket Ground in South London. 


On the day of the shoot it’s best to follow your everyday grooming rather than go out of your way to prepare, and best not to wear anything too tight that might leave marks on your skin. 

Do let me know before the day of the shoot if you have any concerns about how much of your torso appears in shot, and whether you have any tattoos, marks or scars that you want to keep private.

The Photoshoot 

When you arrive there is time for you to settle in and familiarize yourself with the space and lighting arrangements. Just before starting the shoot I’ll need you to wash your face to remove any shine, to remove any non-essential jewelry, and to be bare shouldered. (It’s fine for the rest of your torso to be covered below the armpit line if you prefer). 

During the shoot we will try out lots of head positions and angles. It’s a relaxed process so we can pause to chat from time to time while the shoot is taking place. The whole shoot normally takes around 90 minutes to two hours, and is very easygoing. 

Reviewing the Images

After the shoot we can review the shots on screen to get a sense of the range of portraits that you like best – and if there are any that you really don’t like. It matters a great deal to me that I understand your preferences, and also address any concerns you may have. 

I will strive to give you a portrait that you are proud of, though ultimately I make the final image selection and have final say on the editing decisions. Do bear in mind that these portraits are my interpretation of the sitter, so check out my other work and make sure you are comfortable with having yourself represented in this sort of way.

Confirming Your Shoot

Here are the details about how to commission your portrait. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and to book your shoot.

I look forward to spending time with you, and very much hope that this will be a special experience for you.

James M Barrett